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Pevec is a Czech word for songbird, and this malt certainly does sing in a clear and bright voice with light honey and white grape flavors.  This pilsner-style malt is lightly kilned, but unlike most traditional pilsner malts, we play with temperature and moisture content in order to engage maillard reactions and to deepen the fruited flavors of the malt.  With the lower cure temperature, this will product a very pale liquor with a light dry mouthfeel.

LOVIBOND 1-2  EXTRACT 80-85%    MOISTURE 3-4.5%    FRIABILITY 85-95%


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The Serenade is a song sung from the lover to their sweetheart, with tones of rich floral honey, almond, and lightly toasted golden grains. This malt is reminiscent of an English pale ale to Vienna style base malt, kilned at just the right conditions to yield a liquor of a golden hue with a hint of orange.

LOVIBOND 4-5  EXTRACT 80-85%    MOISTURE 3-4.5%    FRIABILITY 85-95%

Blue Serenade

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The Blue Serenade is the voice of a lover's longing at dusk, with deep notes of caramel, golden raisin, and just a hint of toasted grains in the finish. This malt is similar to our Serenade in the way we promote flavors during kilning, but cured at a higher temperature resulting in a glowing light amber.

LOVIBOND 8-10  EXTRACT 80-85%    MOISTURE 3-4.5%    FRIABILITY 85-95%



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The Ballad is the Troubadour's tradition, verses full of sentiment and romance. Evocative flavors of floral honey with almond and ripe apricot lace the weighted mouthfeel of this malt. Prepared in a Munich style, we stew the grains at a higher moisture content during withering, and then cure at temperatures to yield a deep golden color.

LOVIBOND 6-8  EXTRACT 80-85%    MOISTURE 3-4.5%    FRIABILITY 85-95%

Blue Ballad

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Dark shadowy blue is the color of twilight, a Ballad sung as the stars come out to illustrate the Troubador's story. This malt is heavy with fig, caramel, dark honey, and almond flavors. A Munich style malt similar to Ballad but cured at higher temperatures, producing a reddish amber liquor with a weighted mouthfeel.

LOVIBOND 20-25  EXTRACT 80-85%    MOISTURE 3-4.5%    FRIABILITY 85-95%


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Encore is the call from the chorus of the crowd when they don't want the music to be over or the story to end. Encore is nuance, layer on layer of rich toffee, cocoa, red raisin, and toasted almond notes. This kilned cara-hybrid malt is stewed at full moisture and cured at temperatures enabling partial crystallization and a glowing ruby hued coffee color that gives more and more.

LOVIBOND 50-55  EXTRACT 45-50%    MOISTURE 3-4.5%    FRIABILITY 70-75%

Moonlight Serenade

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Semi-Sweet cocoa, caramelized sugar, and some herbaceous floral notes. Our Serenade base malt is roasted on Ozo Coffee's 60 kg Gothot roaster in Boulder, CO (an ideal malt roaster with its split drum design and indirect, side-mounted combustion). Roasted similarly to a chocolate malt, this malt produces a light bodied liqour with a deep cocoa brown color.

LOVIBOND 300-350     MOISTURE 3-4.5%    FRIABILITY 85-95%